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Is reading a useful skill? Is it a good habit? Is it a suitable hobby for a modern human? Is it possible to improve one’s reading abilities?

Read one book per week and you’ll read about 50 books per year. As the digital age comes into lives of humans deeper and deeper year after year, “old-school” books lose their influence. More and more people prefer videos and interactive games to usual paper sources of information.

Why does it happen that way? In my opinion, the reason is people’s laziness. Movies and other videos do not require the viewer to activate his or her imagination, as the picture appears before eyes at once and without efforts. Books do not work that way.

And this is why they are extremely useful. Texts are what makes the reader imagine everything described in words himself or herself, no matter if they are printed on the paper or are pixels on a digital screen. Texts make you think, not just consume the information given to you by the camera operator.

Reading Skill Improvement

It is possible for people to gain the habit of reading, to read more books and to improve their skills to work with text information more effectively. For instance, students can gain knowledge with the help of printed materials much faster if they know how to process book contents and make it more organized and structured in their mind. This and many other topics will be prevailing for articles which we plan to publish in our blog.

Many contributing writers and professional authors who form our network of connections will help us fill the website with reliable and up-to-date content. So, here is your best blog for book readers.

Book Review Writing

When it comes to choosing books for reading, most people start looking for short reviews devoted to required titles. Our writers will publish such articles for you to be informed about the most interesting writings of the past and the present.

We also hope that this blog will be useful for students who often need to write book reviews as their homework. Here you can find professionally written samples of such texts, tips on writing them and other kinds of academic writing (like essays, coursework plans, scientific articles, and so on). Sometimes we will publish useful information for students about living in dorms, passing exams well, and motivating oneself for studying and trying hard.

Yes, we think that this resource can be useful for anyone who reads books and wants to study or learn new things. If you are the one, you’ll feel well here, no matter if you are a high school pupil, a university student, or a worker who had graduated long ago.

Keep an eye on updates! We guarantee you publishing many interesting things!

Sincerely yours, Book Reading Blog Team