Legalizing of drugs has become a debated topic nowadays. In the center of the debate stand the question of decriminalization and the broader concept of drug legalization. At the same time, it is not just about the so-called “soft drugs” such as cannabis derivatives, but also about the “heavy” ones, such as opioids. In the beginning of the 21st century, there was a tendency in many countries to weaken the restrictions on the consumption and production of soft drugs. Can we have a strict position about one option? We do not think so. There will certainly be arguments to cope with from each side. However, our article may help you with writing your argumentative essay, while comparing arguments and coming up with your opinion. For more information – click on this link!

For the Freedom of Choice

This argument is based on an individual’s right to self-determination regarding to their own body and soul. An adult person should have freedom of choice in their decision to take drugs or other medications. Those may not be just for fun, they may serve as painkillers. On the contrary, there should be no right to interfere by making changes to the legislation. The most famous adherer of this argument was Timothy Leary. In addition, a liberal economics scholar Milton Friedman advocated the legalization of psychoactive substances, employing the argument of freedom. One argument is that the ban provoked by psychological reactance can just push many adolescents to using drugs (interest in the forbidden things, psychology reverse).

Conspiracy Theories

There is an opinion among conspiracy theorists that the security services have both direct and indirect benefits from drug trafficking. As special services, by default, are not controlled by anyone, the state cannot guarantee that its security services adhere to the laws. If the security services change their financial base, according to the conspiracy theory, the world would be more peaceful.

Criminological Argument

Criminological concept states that the legalization of drugs is not able to prevent their use and promotes the strengthening and growth of the organized crime. When there is a demand, the market is formed, and its criminalization puts consumers and producers in anti-social and anti-state positions, without having a reason in its essence. Therefore, the so-called drug-business is exclusively the fruit of drug prohibition. At the same time, according to some estimates, the global volume of illicit drug trafficking in the US is $300 billion per year.

Financial Costs

The cost of the increased sickness risks for consumers is very high. It happens due to the newly invented psychoactive substances, the use of a common needle and society isolation, overdose and prostitution. Unclaimed income has its place due to the legalization of drugs along with the receipt of taxes, reduction of unemployment benefits and health insurance. Sometimes controlling the drug industry is more expensive than giving freedom to it. This argument is supported by the fact that the policy failed to reduce the number of drug addicts, as well as to reduce the drug crime. Having cocaine as a forbidden fruit, we behave as strict parents who cannot explain why we forbid it. However, we should give a strong argument, as it provides the connection between the person who follows their interests and the one who tries to ban it.

Harm Relations and Quality

From a medical point of view, there are more reasons to prevent the use of cocaine. Tougher sanctions against less defined substances violate the principle of proportionality of punishment and harm. In the situation of equality and legality in the choice of all psychoactive substances, consumers will seek for such products that can reduce the harm to health providing the same senses.

Legal pharmacy will be able to develop new psychoactive drugs not only for pain relief, but also to produce effects that attract consumers of such substances. This should significantly reduce the overall harm done to consumers’ health and may replace these particular substances in the future, by others with less lethal counterparts with similar effects.

For and Against

Two Sides

Drugs are harmful to health – drugs are slowly killing our friends and loved ones. The drug mafia corrupts society and kills people. Drug addicts are looking for money for the dose. Drug users are lured into the drug world of their friends and acquaintances.

You may use these arguments, but also find the opposite ones. What will happen if the drugs are sold in pharmacies? An addict quietly goes down to the drugstore, buys themselves a dose for little money, as he can afford to buy it. The addict accurately makes an injection and satisfies their need. However, an addict is still a normal member of society, unless they are not converted into a creepy homeless.

Legalization of drugs will kill the drug mafia. Traffickers will simply switch to something else – to the purchase of non-ferrous metals, for example. In addition, drug users continue to commit some crimes, but their number has decreased in many times. After all, it is no longer necessary for the addict to steal or kill in order to get the dose. The addict is able to live without a conflict with the law. The crime rate is dramatically reduced as a consequence.

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