Stop Prostitution

Last time we discussed the issue concerning zoos and keeping animals there, far away from their natural habitat. This time we will pay more attention to a very controversial topic – lawfulness of prostitution. Such issue bothers a lot of people, starting from those who work in the health industry and ending with those that are involved in sex industry.

As a rule, prostitution is understood as a socially organized form of selling sex. It is a modern form (commercial) that appears in urban society, when a woman can choose a partner for sex. According to some researchers, the commercial form of prostitution was preceded by the so-called ritual and patriarchal (hospitable) prostitution. It was not prostitution as we know it now, and had religious significance.

While expressing your opinion on the issue, you should be well prepared with the arguments for and against the legalization. It is a topic that requires statistics and research, so you should do a lot in order to outline the issue in a professional way. Illustrate your arguments with different countries’ experiences. Use some basis to ensure the reader that your essay arguments are well thought, so that they can be taken seriously. We have prepared different views on the same issue for you. Study them below! For more information – click here!

Illustrating the Points

At a time, you cannot stand for the reduction of the incidence of AIDS and the legalization of prostitution. It is one of the main causes of AIDS infection. However, this works both in the case of legal and prohibited prostitution. Its legalization is dangerous for the society, as a prostitute has a considerably higher possibility to carry HIV infection. A prostitute also tends to share HIV with a lot of other people. Many studies show high levels of abuse faced by prostitutes. Women are just bought and sold as goods. The prevalence of drug use among these women partly explains the reasons why they have chosen this way of life.

Try to illustrate all the ideas in your research paper, writing with strong evidence of what you support.

More Facts

When some say “the legalization of prostitution”, they imply that something like the act of prostitution would happen anyway. But admitting this phenomenon and its control will aid in preventing the abuse.

That is a point. Thinking in the same direction, slavery (it is a reality in some countries even in the present-day world) should be allowed. In addition, the allowance of abortion has proved that it leads to a sharp increase of abortions. Legalization of sex industry will lead to the ingress of women into sexual slavery. So, there will be more women engaged into sex work in case it is legalized.

In order to put an end to abuses and the sex industry, the Netherlands decided to amend the law. Now there are legally employed prostitutes who are grown-ups and take the necessary steps willfully, but stricter measures were introduced in accordance with the criminal law in order to prevent exploitation.

Arguments For

The rights of people should not be infringed on the promise of occupation, business, livelihood or calling. There is no law that can stop sex trade. It is the arrangement of sexual administrations among men and women who can pay for them. Constrained sexual action of minors ought to be indicted and the culprits should be under serious discipline. Sex laborers merit rights, indistinguishable from other specialists, including their privilege of lawful insurance against violations, such as inappropriate behavior, sexual brutality and assault.

Arguments Against


Legalization of prostitution damages the privilege of physical and mental respectability by rejection of female sexuality, relegating and diminishing it to a product that is purchased and sold. Sanctioning prostitution damages the denial of torment and unfeeling, cruel or debasing treatment or discipline.

Sanctioning of sex industry disregards the privilege of freedom and security, as well as restricts servitude, constrained work and human trafficking, in the light of the fact that a large number of women around the globe fall into sexual bondage. It likewise abuses the privilege of the satisfaction in the most astounding feasible standard of physical and psychological well-being, on the foundation that savagery, ailment, undesirable pregnancy, hazardous fetus removal, and AIDS hazard are genuine risks for women involved in sex trade.

To Sum Up

Legitimization of prostitution in houses of ill repute empowers the administration to practice more regulation concerning the sex business and to manage manhandle. Legitimization of prostitution permits the police to visit houses of ill repute and to see the evidence of human trafficking. Such an approach works against violence in sex industry, human trafficking, and abuse.

Lifting the ban on brothels makes sex industry a legitimate employment and gives prostitutes indistinguishable rights and insurances from different occupations. Work law offers the best assurance against abuse, savagery and compulsion. Legitimization of prostitution in the Netherlands was established on the conviction that protecting ladies is the most ideal approach to battle sexual viciousness. In addition, violations are easier to detect when sex traders work legally, and not underground.