Essay Paper

After we have analyzed the legalization of different issues, particularly prostitution in the last one, we have decided to provide you with some examples of writing. How to write an argumentative essay using the full potential of all your analytical skills?

In general, the term “essay” is used to describe works, the genre of which is difficult to be defined precisely. This definition shows that the term “essay” refers to literary works, and thus does not have strict structural rules. In such writing you need to express your opinion, using strong arguments and vivid examples. We have scanned for the most outstanding methods that can make your paper individual and unique. Here you can see some new thoughts concerning the structure and plot.

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Step 1: Opening

Once you have a general idea of ​​what to write about, you have to study the topic. This is a necessary and important step in writing an essay argument. You should know the topic well and understand what the views on it are in order to make the issue clear with the help of coherent arguments. You can search for books in the library, on the Internet, read newspaper articles and explore other sources to get the information. If possible, look for a specialist in this sphere and talk to them, ask questions. When collecting information, you should gather as much evidence to support your point of view as possible. Statistics, graphs, data, and empirical research –everything will help you build your argument and criticize of the opposite view reasonably. For example:

The drug problem is very popular nowadays; however, the issue of legalization of drugs is even more popular. People all around the world argue whether it should become a legal part of our life or still be a part of illegal subculture. After analyzing a bunch of arguments, we have decided to present our own opinion, providing examples to illustrate which cases create benefits and disadvantages.

Step 2: Think of the Main Argument

This position contains the answer to the question. This is your main argument. Each piece of evidence and each section will revolve around the idea, affirming it. This statement should be clear and understandable to the audience. You do not have to completely agree with this statement. Your task is to complete arguments on the subject with the evidence. Once you have decided on a side that you would take, you need to stick to a logical train of thoughts and defend your opinion in your work. If you change your mind, you will have to rewrite the previous paragraphs, as you will ruin the argumentative essay. A huge mistake is to write like this:

Of course, I do not really mind legalization; however, it would bring a lot of positive changes.

The reader will lose your own position and the arguments will lose their sense. Everything should be strict, as you are supporting only one side of the issue.

Step 3: Your Personal Attitude

Your Opinion

If you analyze the scientific research or results, use the scientific method to analyze the findings. The scientific style should be more concise and differ a little from the one you use to write about the art stuff. In this case, you can also discuss why this public issue is the main point of your research and how it touches your life.

Usually we have to choose our own topic of investigation and carry out the analysis. Decide what is the aim of your writing and what use can others get from it. Share your knowledge and experience purposefully. If you write about a historical or political event, pay attention to the most important details that influenced the course of events. If you write an argumentative essay based on a scientific work, you can justify your views based on the theories of the author or according to how a certain character or characters are acting. While writing about a public issue, refer to sociology research, as the experience of other people can really help.

Step 4: The Analysis of Information

Results of the Research

Make an analysis of your research. An argumentative paper is not a demonstration of your inside world, illustrated in your writing. It is a sequence of statements that your mind has produced after analyzing several materials. Follow the traditional method of composition of the text to be logical (the introduction, the main part, the end). It will help you structure your essay, even if you think this genre is a complete chaos.

Be sure to start with the main idea. The thesis is a sentence or a few sentences that summarize your statement in the essay. The thesis should tell the reader what your work is about. Find additional arguments. Review the material which you are working on. List the secondary arguments and mark the pages, where they can be found, see how they support your opinion. The book, movie, and scientific materials that complement your statement may be used to support the main idea.

Step 5: Illustrating Your Essay

Of course, each argument should be supported by an example. If you are defending animals and their desire to live in natural habitat, find historical examples that illustrate animals’ suffering and their desire to leave the zoo. Be precise with what you are writing about, the arguments should not be just empty sentences without any evidence. Try to fill your essay with real experience, include even stories from governmental policies and attitudes towards the discussed issue in different countries. Find the connection between your object of analysis and people’s mentality. Be broad-minded in your essay, but do not lose your personal position and do not weaken what you are confident in.